The Plays:

Remember Me?! Play by Dan Gordon

Remember Me?!

A dramatic comedy in two acts

Sample of Dialogue (PDF) | Cast of Characters | Set Requirements


After the death of his wife, Frank Cornell needs a friend to lean on so he turns to Kelly Sanders, an old friend he hasn’t seen in years. But Frank finds that Kelly needs his support more than he needs hers. With the help of Kelly’s neighbor, Wilma, Frank helps Kelly find the strength to escape an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Randal Dunkin. In the process Kelly also discovers her own self worth and rediscovers a very dear friend, Frank.

Set Requirements:

Single Set: Apartment living room
Time: Present

Cast of Characters:

Kelly Sanders:

Attractive thirty four year old woman.

Frank Cornell:

Thirty four year old man and childhood friend of Kelly.

Wilma Partridge:

Sixty three year old woman and Kelly’s next door neighbor.

Dr. Randal Dunkin:

Kelly’s forty year old boy friend.

Special thanks to Hali Linn for the custom artwork created for each play!