The Plays:

Dan Gordon Playbills: Pruning the Family Tree, It Feels Like Monday, Sorting Trash, Little White Lies, and Remember Me

Production History & Awards for
Daniel (Dan) Gordon, Playwright.

Little White Lies was originally produced on stage at Tiffany’s Attic in Kansas City. It starred Stanley and Barry Livingston, stars of the long running television series “My Three Sons.” It has been produced by a number of community theater groups.

Remember Me?! was awarded first place in the 1998 OCTA new play contest. The play was honored with a workshop and staged reading at the association’s annual conference, and has been produced by a number of community theaters.

It Feels Like Monday was originally produced at the Top Hat and Glove in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gordon also wrote the screen adaptation for Alexander Enright & Associates.

Pruning the Family Tree was a finalist in the 1998 Eugene O' Neil Centers National Playwrights Conference. It was originally produced on stage in 2003 by Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters. It was finalist in the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre’s Script Fest Playwrights Conference in 2010. Translated into Polish and subsequently produced at SASKA KEPS Culture Club, Warsaw Poland, in 2012. It was also adapted into an award winning feature film in 2012.

Sorting Trash was originally produced in 2006 by the Bartlesville Community and Performing Arts Center. It has been produced by theater groups and colleges across the country.

Smoke Damage was originally produced in 2010 by The Terrace Level Players.

Solo Club received honorable mention in the 2012 Annual Ohio State Newark New Play Contest. It was originally produced in 2015 by Tony nominated actor, Joe Sears, as part of his Tallgrass Theatre Festival.

The Kingdoms of Democracy is currently in the development, and has had several table readings as a part of that process.