The Plays:

Little White Lies by Dan Gordon

Little White Lies

A comedy in two acts

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Sara Stedman has received a phone call from a young lady informing her that her husband, Robert, has been unfaithful. Broken hearted, Sara packs her bags and moves in with her two bachelor sons, Bob and Neil.

Bob, a womanizing tennis pro, and Neil, a writer and social misfit, have problems of their own. Neil is trying to finish a magazine article before deadline and Bob is being pursued by his latest loves ex-boyfriend, a gang leader named Bruno Bostwick. If that's not enough the new phone book has a misprint, and the brothers are continually receiving phone in orders for delivery service from Stedman's Grocery Store.

Meanwhile, Robert is pleading complete innocence to Sara and she's beginning to believe him. Then Bruno shows up at the door looking for Bob. Sara mistakenly believes that Bruno is looking for Robert. Now Sara is certain that Robert is being unfaithful with Bruno’s girlfriend, and she points the revenge seeking, gang leader in Robert’s direction.

As expected, mother is becoming a bother to Bob and Neil, and they hatch a scheme with hope of getting her to reconcile with Robert. They pay their neighbor, out of work actor Howard Stanton, to take Sara out on the town and show her a terrible time. The idea is, Sara will realize what a good life she has with Robert and move back home. Of course Sara discovers Bob and Neil's plot and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

The story ends when Neil discovers that the infidelity revealing phone call Sara received was due to the misprinted phone book. Bruno finds out it’s Bob he’s after, not Robert. Robert finds out he's been neglecting Sara. Sara finds she is a strong, capable person who doesn’t need Robert, but certainly wants him. And Bob finds he better run fast.

Set Requirements:

Single Set: Apartment living room
Time: 1958 Chicago

Cast of Characters:

Neil Stedman:

Twenty seven year old technical writer and brother of Bob Stedman.

Bob Stedman:

Twenty nine year old brother and roommate of Neil.

Sara Stedman:

Fifty one year old mother of Neil and Bob.

Robert Stedman:

Sara’s fifty four year old husband, and father of Neil and Bob.

Howard Stanton:

Male, fifty years old. Neil and Bob’s neighbor.

Bruno Bostwick:

Twenty seven year old male, well built.

Special thanks to Hali Linn for the custom artwork created for each play!