The Plays:

It Feels Like Monday by Dan Gordon

It Feels Like Monday

A comedy in two acts

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Megan Wilkins has everything going for her. She has the career she's always wanted, a husband she loves, and she has just found out she's pregnant with her first child. The problem is the lives of everyone close to her are falling apart.

Megan's husband, Roger, has lost his job as an ornithologist. He has also lost his luggage on a flight home from Florida where he had been studying the Bald Eagle. Megan is doing her best to comfort him, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Roger has taken to sleeping his days away and whining to Megan at night. He has also made it clear he is not thrilled with the prospect of becoming a father.

Carla Vuille, Megan's imperious sister, has separated from her husband of 14 years and has moved into the apartment next door. It is no secret that Roger and Carla despise each other and Megan is caught in the middle. Megan is Carla's last friend in the world and Carla tends to take advantage of her friends.

Shirley Plumber is Megan's mother. Shirley is trying to deal with the middle-aged antics of Megan's father. He has bought a sports car, gotten tattooed and wants to sell their house. Shirley wants Megan to talk some sense into him, but Megan is more interested in bringing Shirley and Carla together after 18 years of fighting.

As hard as Megan tries she can't seem to make everyone happy. She finally reaches the end of her rope and storms out of the apartment, leaving Roger alone. Alone, until a pregnant delivery girl shows up with Roger's lost luggage, and her water breaks sending her into labor and Roger into hysterics. Megan returns just in time to help take the screaming mother to the hospital. But they don't make it to the hospital, and the baby is born in the back seat of Megan's car with her playing mid-wife.

After witnessing the miracle of childbirth Roger has decided to embark on a new career as a stay at home dad. After witnessing the pain of childbirth Megan has decided she should be waited on hand and foot. No more giving, it's time to receive.

Set Requirements:

Single set: Small one bedroom apartment
Time: Present

Cast of Characters:

Megan Wilkins:

Thirty year old CPA.

Roger Wilkins:

Thirty two year old ornithologist and Megan’s husband.

Carla Vuille:

Megan’s thirty two year old, recently divorced, sister.

Shirley Plumber:

Fifty five year old mother of Megan and Carla.

Delivery Lady:

Woman in her late thirties, early forties.

Special thanks to Hali Linn for the custom artwork created for each play!