The Plays:

Plays by Dan Gordon: Pruning the Family Tree, It Feels Like Monday, Sorting Trash, Little White Lies, and Remember Me

Introducing Dan Gordon,

Dan Gordon is a writer and producer of theater and film, but his passion is writing for the stage. Dan’s work has been performed around the world, from Warsaw Poland to Austin Texas. We have provided a list of his work as well as other information. If you would be interested in producing one of his plays just contact Dan, he will be happy to provide a complete script for your review.

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The Plays

The Kingdoms of Democracy (Political satire)

Consider the current political climate in America; imagine it’s the Middle Ages, then surrender to laughter as it becomes clear that this absurdity is our reality. Laugh while Boobs and Ninnies fight over chickens and eggs as the Kingdom of Democracy teeters on the edge of disaster.

Solo Club (Drama)

Abandon by his father, sixteen year old Chase arrives at the Solo Club bar looking for his older sister. Instead he finds a homeless artist, a tormented bartender and an emotionally broken bar owner. They find a boy struggling with his sexual identity, self cutting and his very survival.

Smoke Damage (Comedy)

Valarie Foray lost her house and car in a fire. Now she’s taking her demanding personality and moving in with her daughter Kristen, and her husband, Wade. As her selfish behavior threatens Kristen’s business and Wade’s run for city council, Valerie crosses the line when she hooks up with Wade’s political mentor.

Sorting Trash (Comedic farce)

Emily Barcus is lonely and stressed from caring for her schizophrenic mother Judy. And now, after his release from prison, her dimwitted brother Ryan moves in. As Judy uses holy water and garlic necklaces to protect her family from evil, and as Ryan hides from a loan shark, Emily struggles to find love with Ryan’s parole officer.

Pruning the Family Tree (Dark comedy)

There's a loud cry in this country for a return to traditional family values, but who defines those values? This is the story of four women who gather for the funeral of the family patriarch and reveal that a family’s values don’t decorate the front porch. They hide behind the front door.

Remember Me?! (Dramatic Comedy)

Grieving for his wife Frank Cornell turns to his long lost childhood friend Kelly Sanders, but Frank finds that Kelly needs his support more than he needs hers. With Frank’s helps Kelly finds the strength to escape an abusive relationship, and for the first time her own self worth.

It Feels Like Monday (Comedy)

Megan Wilkins has the career she's always wanted, a husband she loves and is thrilled to be pregnant with her first child. Megan also has a husband who just lost his dream job, a needy sister recently separated from her husband and a controlling mother with no one to control.

Little White Lies (Comedy)

Sara mistakenly believes her husband, Robert, has a mistress. Robert is being pursued by a jealous boyfriend. Their eldest son, Bob, has girl trouble. And their youngest son, Neil, is turning his neighbor into a gigolo for Sara. All because of a mix up with phone numbers.